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Harbor City Judo, Jujitsu & Karate

Discipline is the cornerstone of any endeavor.  With judo, jujitsu and karate, discipline is mandatory in order to succeed.  Discipline coupled with dedicaiton leads to success.  Focu on your chi and balance will follow.



Kabboord's Martial Arts School

“Here at Kabboord’s Martial Arts School we strive to help people discover their personal power and to accomplish all that they desire. Although society has historically viewed the martial arts as a barbaric means to resolve conflict, we consider ourselves educators for peace. Our vision is for our school to be recognized as a place where the martial arts are used as a means to resolve or avoid conflict through understanding and respect for individual differences.”        

- Sensei Steve Kabboord



Unlimited Kickboxing

Fitness * Self-Defense * Competition. 

For Kids * Teens * Adults

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